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Required Minimum Distributions After IRA Owner or Plan Participant Dies

Many IRA and retirement plan beneficiaries are not aware of the distribution requirements after an account owner has died. Without this knowledge, they could face unexpected penalty taxes. And your organization could face unexpected questions and complaints.


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Disclaiming IRA and HSA Assets

What can be done when an IRA owner’s spouse and children are the primary beneficiaries of the IRA but the children want all of the IRA assets to go to the spouse? With an HSA, the assets are deemed distributed to a nonspouse beneficiary upon the HSA owner’s death, but can the nonspouse beneficiary still disclaim the assets he would receive as a beneficiary?

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Capture Larger Share of Rollover Market From Beneficiary Rollovers

Accepting rollovers of inherited retirement plan assets is a great way to grow IRA business. Financial organizations interested in capturing a larger share of the rollover market should encourage rollover contributions from employer-sponsored retirement plan beneficiaries.

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