More Than a Newsletter: A Tour of The Link

By Stephanie Swanson, Publication Manager

The Link is much more than a newsletter: it’s a repository of tips, tricks, rules, and regulations to help you administer your retirement, education, and health savings plans. We exist to make your job easier and to help you grow your business. And, there’s a lot of great information at your fingertips if you know where to look. Learn where to find what you need—and maybe discover a thing or two you’ve been missing—on this guided tour of The Link.

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On the Top

IRA, HSA, ESA, and Employer Plan: These quick links on the navigation bar take you to all of the articles related to the specified savings vehicle. 

Search: Looking for a particular topic? Click the search icon and enter your topic to see if we’ve written on it. (Tip: Search works best with Google Chrome). If you don’t find what you’re looking for, let us know. Email us your article idea at and we’ll try to get it in an upcoming issue.

On the Side

News Briefs: This is the bridge to industry and regulatory news as it happens on

Ask an Expert: Our ERISA consultants answer hundreds of questions from folks just like you through Ascensus’ 800 Consulting service. These Q&A articles cover some of the most common. Get to know our consultants—or just see what they look like—on our Meet the Experts page.

Education Spotlight: Here you’ll find upcoming education opportunities (e.g., webinars, workshops, conferences) and a new featured education product each month.

Solution Center: These articles solve problems and help you do your job. With a focus on industry trends and business insights, you’ll find solutions to common pain points and ideas for growing your business. (Tip: The Solution Center also houses print- and bookmark-friendly Quick Reference Tools, such as Traditional and Roth IRA contribution limits and Roth IRA beneficiary options.)                                            

In the Middle

HSA article feed

HSA article feed

Featured Articles: Our top five “must reads” of the current issue reside here. You’ll recognize them as the first five listed in your monthly email (if you’re a subscriber).

 Article “feeds”: The Individual Retirement Arrangements, Health Savings Accounts, Coverdell Education Savings Accounts, and Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans subsections feature recently published content related to the given topic.

What’s Trending: Despite how it may look, this is not an artistic representation of random savings-related words. Every article that we write is flagged with specific descriptive terms (tags). These tags appear in this “tag cloud” for easy access to related information. For example, click the Reporting tag to browse all articles related to reporting. The larger the size of the tag, the more articles with that tag exist.

You’ll find the tag cloud near the bottom of the  The Link  homepage.

You’ll find the tag cloud near the bottom of the The Link homepage.

Subscribe to The Link: If your email address is changing (we see this often with mergers and acquisitions), subscribe your new address using this form. This also is where you want to send all of your employees, coworkers, friends, and colleagues so that they too can receive great content on savings topics.  

To subscribe to  The Link,  complete this form on the  homepage .

To subscribe to The Link, complete this form on the homepage.

Last (But Not Least)

Social Media Sharing Buttons: See those icons down there? The three at the bottom of the article? Click and share any article using Twitter, LinkedIn, or email. If you read something you like, there’s no greater compliment than sharing it with your network.