How to Ensure a Successful HSA Program

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Offering health savings accounts (HSAs) will expand your product line, increase your deposit base, and create cross-selling opportunities to help your organization stay competitive. HSAs are a popular choice for individuals—and employers—in dealing with increasing health care costs, as HSAs allow eligible individuals to set aside money on a tax-deductible, tax-deferred basis to use later to potentially pay for qualified medical expenses tax free.

To launch or maintain a successful HSA program, you don’t have to go it alone. Just follow these basic steps.

Start with the Right Training

Education is the first step to creating a successful HSA program. Ascensus continuously monitors new laws, revised regulations, and marketing trends so that our suite of HSA education offerings includes the latest industry information. Start your HSA program off right by signing up for one or more of the following training options.

  • Distance Learning - Convenient training available anytime, anywhere without travel
  • Instructor Led - Seminars, workshops, and conferences available nationwide
  • Training Products - Customized internal training for your staff

Learn more about all of Ascensus’ education offerings.

Craft a Compliant Program

Once you become trained in HSAs, the next step is to implement and maintain a compliant HSA program. Deciding which forms and documents to use and keeping up to date on current HSA rules is the key to maintaining a successful HSA program. Your company may benefit from the following compliance services.

  • Forms and Documents – Compliant forms and comprehensive document services
  • Consulting – Expert ERISA consultants help you stay in compliance with current HSA rules
  • Compliance Reviews – Onsite reviews ensure your operations and documents are current and compliant

Learn more about Ascensus’ compliance services.

Take Advantage of Outsourcing

In addition to getting educated and taking advantage of compliance services, you may want to consider using Ascensus’ administration solutions. Outsourcing your company’s HSA administration can eliminate stress and make your HSA program easier to execute. See if one of the following services is right for you.

  • Fully-Administered Program – Provides complete operational and compliance support
  • Self-Administered Program – Eliminates need for paper forms; uses compliance logic

Learn more about Ascensus’ administration services.

Offer Reliable Information and Marketing Materials

Educating your clients and providing reliable reference materials for your staff is an important feature of any HSA program. The following materials can help ensure your clients receive the high level of customer service that they’ve come to expect.

  • Lobby Brochures – General information on HSA rules and tax benefits
  • Reference Manuals  – In-depth, technical information to help your organization stay in compliance

Learn more about all of Ascensus’ marketing materials and reference manuals.

Get the Help You Need

Whether you’re thinking of getting into HSAs, or already are, Ascensus offers a variety of solutions that can help your organization launch and maintain a successful, compliant HSA program. Find out how we can help your HSA business thrive.