Your Professional Development: Ascensus Helps You Succeed


Whether you are a novice, an experienced veteran, or somewhere in between, earning and maintaining a professional certification not only demonstrates your dedication to learning, but also your commitment to developing your career.

7 Benefits for Earning a Professional Designation

  1. Move beyond the basics. You may have a good handle on IRA or HSA basics, but feel less confident about more advanced concepts. Building on the basic knowledge is important to confidently handle complex issues and grow your career to the next level.
  2. Validate your expertise. A professional designation boosts your credibility and validates your expertise with both your colleagues and your clients.  
  3. Accelerate your learning. Participating in training courses and seminars gets you up to speed quickly on IRA and HSA rules. Apply what you learn to your business to maintain compliance and increase efficiency.
  4. Expand your thinking. Education expands your perspective and cultivates critical thinking—a skill employers value. Completing a designation program will inspire innovation and improve your business decision-making skills to problem solve and find solutions.
  5. Improve your service. Clients may ask for a rollover when they really mean transfer. They will look to you to tell them their IRA and HSA beneficiary options. Complete a designation program and learn to decipher what they’re asking, even if they don’t know how to ask it.   
  6. Advance your career. Earning a designation can be a powerful tool to demonstrate the value you bring to your organization, provide advancement opportunities, and set you apart from the competition.
  7. Network with your peers. Take advantage of establishing a professional connection with your industry peers through education. We’ve learned from our education and training surveys that some of the best learning and career-changing moments come not only from the material presented but from the real life experiences, questions, and practical suggestions from other attendees.

Professional Development Opportunities

Ascensus offers three IRA designations, an HSA designation, and continuing education for over 20 industry designations. Leveraging our extensive training curriculum and nationally recognized seminars helps you get the training and professional designations you need to succeed.   

Bryan Loomis